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A Smart Match

Beauty and The Beast

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This is a community for the pairing of Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribean series.

We accept any form of creativity- fic (including drabbles, ficlets and on-going chapters), art, poetry, fanmixes, fanvids, graphics/icons, filks- whatever you like! We also accept Het,Gen,Slash (as long as Barbossabeth occurs in the story, even if only mentioned in a brief passing), angst, emo- whatever. Even 'squicks' are welcome, as long as you label.


1.Be nice! We're all here to enjoy ourselves, so it's not fun to be harassed for your point of view or angle on things. If you really think someone has a problem, email me via basementgirl74 at yahoo dot com and I'll take care of it. Any posts deemed offensive, unrelated or otherwise innapropriate will be deleted.

2.There will a prompt challenge every Friday/Saturday (I live in Australia, so my Saturday is often your Friday) giving you words, a combination of words, a situation or a character to incorporate into your fic.

2a.You can post fic that is not a part of the prompt. The prompt is designed to provoke new ideas in your writing and help you be creative with things, but it's not hard and fast. Just make sure you label your post non-prompt art/fic/whatever it is.

3. You may promote other communities, as long as they're related. This means pirate communities (Caribbean or otherwise), fic communities, or rare pairings in any fandom. NO rating communites, they are for losers.

4. You MUST, repeat: MUST inform of anything considered a squick (something that may upset/offend the reader). This includes blood, non-con, dub-con, character death, torture, etc. If you're at all worried, email me and let me know, and I'll steer you right.

That's it! Oh, and by the way, these are not guidelines! Breakers of the code shall suffer such punishment as the Captain (that's me) shall think fit. This will most likely be exclusion from prompt challenges, revoking of posting rights and/or commenting. Appealing your case is respected, accepted and expected. Savvy?


If you'd like to affiliate just pop a comment in my personal journal's latest entry or email me at basementgirl74 at yahoo dot com.

A community for Hector Barbossa lovers

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Aan anonymous graphics community for those of us who say things that result in rocks thrown at us.